Politics on the Right

Just like left-wing politics, right-wing politics encapsulate the range of different parties and ideas. However, some key things include a neo-liberalist economic policy and advocating a social hierarchy which they claim is impossible to eradicate through government policy. They are also less likely to be supportive of progressive social policy such as legalizing abortion and […]

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Politics on the Left

While it may be a crude categorization most politics can be divided into left-wing and right-wing. Left-wing politics have a focus on egalitarian values and strive to help those who are disadvantaged. The term left-wing politics came from the French Revolution. Those who were against the monarchy were left wing and so the phrase was […]

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The History of Politics

Politics, as we understand it today, is generally thought to have begun in ancient Greece. They were the first society to formulate a democratic political system, and while they did have some differences to today, one can see the foundations which influenced our practices. One distinct difference was the idea of participatory democracy. For the […]

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What is politics?

Politics is a matter which affects the lives of every citizen across the world. While some people choose to actively participate in the political process and some watch from the sidelines, it is something which has a significant impact on all of our lives. As a broad definition, politics can be understood as the process […]

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