Politics is a matter which affects the lives of every citizen across the world. While some people choose to actively participate in the political process and some watch from the sidelines, it is something which has a significant impact on all of our lives. As a broad definition, politics can be understood as the process of making decisions. However, in reality, it is much more complex than this.

In many countries, politics is most easily visible through the political parties which represent the people. More often than not, countries have at least two major political parties which battle it out to win an election and become the ruler of the respective country. Once in power, political parties can make many decisions including passing new laws, influencing public policy and deciding how much of countries revenue is spent on issues such as education and healthcare. However, this is only one part of what one can consider being politics.

Some countries do not have a free democracy where at least two parties can compete for power. Instead, they are subjected to a one-party state, the most notable example of this is China. Therefore well China still has a government its people are not active in the political process as they are in many other states. Non-government organizations, otherwise known as NGO’s, are also very active in the political process. While they do not seek to represent the values of any one specific country they do act as a mediator is an international conflict and try a resolve political issues where additional channels of dialogue have failed.

Most politics can be categorized into three different levels. First of all that is national politics which deals with issues of the specific country. Second, that our regional politics, which deals with the issues of the region, for example, the European Union. And finally, global politics take in to account the interconnections between different countries and how they work together to form a more stable world.

The political process is often held in contempt by many people. They criticize it for being elitist, not acting with a genuine interest of populations at heart and also I’ve been incredibly corrupt. There have been many examples of this but there is no evidence to suggest that politics is a dogmatically corrupt profession.

Politics is also an incredibly Important academic discipline. Political science is the study of the field of politics and examines different questions and how power is used across the world. It asks questions such as Does the democratic process work for ordinary people on what will be the repercussions of a significant political event such as the election of Donald Trump and Brexit.

While politicians are the main place in the political field, there are also many other people which work in the industry. These include researchers, journalists, academics, and activist.

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