Chinese politics are dominated by the one-party state known as the Communist Party of China. The President of China is the leader of the county and the party and they also have representation on a regional and local level.

The central government based in Beijing must build agreement between the municipal leaders and also between the party members which then becomes the policy of the party. This form of centralized leadership has proved problematic for China given its vast size and population. The policy which works for the developed and prosperous eastern coast doesn’t always prove effective for the poorer, less-populated region throughout the rest of China.

In recent years the country has seen substantial economic growth, in large part down to the liberalization of the markets. However, some critics have also accused China of currency manipulation, though due to the country’s secrecy this is difficult to prove.

China is robustly ideological following the reign of its most famous leader Chairman Mao and recently it was declared that the thought of Xi Jinping will be written into the constitution, signaling a change in the direction of the Chinese state and its role in global politics.

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