Throughout the 1990s and 2000’s it seemed like there was a clear political direction the world was taking. We were to become more integrated, more civil and continue with economic growth. However, the financial crash of 2008, the election of President Donald Trump, the Brexit vote on the rise of the far right of all thrown into question the direction of politics.

Rogue states such as North Korea and the unpredictability of Russia all fuel the notion of an unstable political landscape. Even the most seasoned political analysts are now on sure of the direction in which the world will take across the coming years.

One thing that seemed set to change if the rise of the east and the decline of the west. Not only do the west seem to lack an appetite for being the mediator, the economic rise of the east and their clear political ambition will see them be a much stronger player in the coming decades and even centuries. Many have said China will be the new world power and with the incredible emerging economy and changing political ideologies it seems that they will make a significant impact on the world global politics.

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