2020 was a symbolic year for Americans as they went in to pick a new president after a four-year cycle. The government had measures in place to make it possible for elections to take place during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 elections had a bigger impact in the US than the previous elections. It is a new dawn in American politics with many pointers hitherto unseen.

Democracy is Good

There were a few accusations of electoral fraud in the previous elections. 2020 was a different matter as most of the Americans believe democracy was served. Though there were demonstrations from the Republicans, Americans felt that a change was needed in the White House. People were not pleased that the country showed outright signs of racism.

There had been some demonstrations previously about the killing of black people by police. Americans celebrated during the inauguration of Joe Biden saying democracy had prevailed. The president-elect has a good working record and is widely expected to do great things for America.

Working Together

Congress had divergent opinions over the past few years. This was caused by the stubborn Republican representatives who were in power at the time. The 2020 US elections have seen the democrats get more representation than the republicans. Democrats appear ready to work with the Republicans for the benefit of the country, with ‘Unity’ being the rallying call.

Women Rising

The 2020 US elections have seen the first woman Vice President being elected. This has shown that women also have a chance in American politics. Women are now likely to be more involved in US politics. The election of a woman Vice President in the country has displayed diversity in politics especially since she is a woman of color. This has given people hope of dealing with racism in the country. The Vice President is being celebrated all over the world for making it to office.

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