Since time immemorial, Americans have been divided when it comes to matters that revolve around healthcare systems, marriage, abortion, capital punishment, immigration, and national security. Americans have grown accustomed to two major ways of thinking, namely liberal and conservative approaches, which are totally contrasting.


Conservatives are of the idea that the government should never interfere with the healthcare system; instead, it should be privatized. In contrast, liberals support the involvement of the government in the healthcare system. Liberals want everyone to be entitled to equal and low-cost healthcare services regardless of their income status. However, with constant shifts in technology, sites like strive to eliminate the different ideologies in matters of health by providing fast and equal healthcare services to all people.

Immigration and National Security

Conservatives have always made their ideologies on matters concerning immigration and national security known to the whole world. They think that soft laws on immigration and border control put the security of the country at stake, and all illegal immigrants should be deported to their countries of origin. Liberals believe that illegal immigrants should be issued with valid permits to legalize their stay in the United States.


Nothing has triggered strong (opposing) views between conservatives and liberals like abortion. The former believe that birth begins at conception and abortion is the murder of an innocent soul, which has the same human rights as other people. In fact, conservatives only support abortion when the mother’s health is in danger or in the eventuality of rape. Liberals have always campaigned for the freedom of choice. They want women to decide what should or shouldn’t happen to their bodies. Liberals want the government to put in legal structures and provide funds to facilitate safe abortion.

Euthanasia and Death Penalty

Although many people don’t love discussing death, conservatives and liberals have never shied away from talking about this matter. Conservatives support the idea of handing death penalties to murderers, terrorists, and other people who commit serious crimes. Liberals oppose death punishment, arguing that capital punishment may cause innocent persons to lose their lives. Conservatives have never supported euthanasia, while liberals think that every person can rightfully the way they want to die.

Same-sex Marriage

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, which has been a subject of debate for several years. Most conservatives are guided by religious principles and traditional American values. Therefore, they argue that marriage between people of the same sex is immoral, not to mention its sinful nature. Liberals tend to evolve with the ever-changing society and its demands, so they advocate for marrying anyone regardless of their sex. Above all, they push equal rights for lesbians and gays as well as bisexual and transgender groups.

Parting Shot

It has never been difficult to differentiate between pure conservatives and pure liberals. However, most conservatives associate themselves with the Republican Party, while liberals identify with the Democratic Party.

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