The study of politics is known as political science. It deals with a range of different issues from analysis of history to predicting future outcomes. Political scientists are experts in not only the facts of a political event but also understanding the motivations which underlie such occurrences.

While it is ostensibly an academic field there are many practical applications for the role of a political scientist. Often they will act as advisers to politicians and governments to try and assist them in creating policy which will be beneficial. Another key role of the political scientists is to try and predict future conflicts and so put things in place to avoid it happening. They also a fundamental part of organizations such as the united nations which aim to prevent and resolve human suffering in a variety of ways.

There are many different subsets of political still date. These can include comparative politics which looks at the relationships between different nations, political philosophy which is interested in the thought of motivation or political action and also public law. Studying politics is a rhetorically complex issue as it is always changing.

Many students of political science go on to work in the political sector in a variety of ways. While few seem to turn their knowledge to becoming a politician, many do work as advisors or researchers for individuals or parties. Working in the third sector is a career path taken by many who study politics. This is an excellent choice for those who find themselves straddling the political dives and are more interested in solid outcomes than political rhetoric.

The London School of Economics is thought to be the best university in the world for this particular field of study.

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