Many are saying that politics has changed over the years, and are comparing today’s age of politics to how the founding fathers governed. They believe that great proof of this, is the current government holding office in the USA today. Most would agree that Mr Trump has dramatically changed the face of politics, but it may be that modern technology is making even a more significant impact in changes that are not being recognized as much as they should.

Marketing with Modern Technology

Technology has provided politicians with more tools now than they ever had before. These tools in the form of Online digital marketing can be used to entice voters to get out and vote. It isn’t something which just the new, younger politicians are taking advantage of either. The amount of money being spent on the use of digital media by politicians is staggering.

New Business Opportunities

With new technology becoming available, such as that which supports online marketing for politicians, it is also opening up new job opportunities for many companies which are in this industry. The politicians have provided a new target market for tech companies that specialize in digital marketing. These professionals are now putting together marketing and advertising packages for online presentation to sway voters.

Political Involvement in Technology

Another way in which technology has affected politics is the involvement that politicians now have in this industry. Going back to the Obama presidency, it was clear that the political platform had a clear interest in internet technology. The bill that was proposed during that presidency was to stop some of the control that cable and internet companies had, in regards to the internet. It was a bill of neutrality. It is also one that was recently voted by the new government to deregulate it.

Technology and Cyber Attacks

There is growing evidence that modern technology has helped to shape how elections are run. There has undoubtedly been a lot of media coverage about the cyber attacks and interference that has been carried out by Russia, as well as possibly other countries. Many believe that it was because of this, that the now sitting President took office. However, the Republican party hesitates to acknowledge this.

Getting the Message Out

Technology has dramatically changed how politicians can get their messages out. They have different platforms on the internet which give them this opportunity. Also, it allows them to cover more topics and do messaging in a much quicker fashion. They can choose to focus on specific target markets, without having the high cost to accomplish this like politicians in the past were faced with.

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