The United States of America and the United Kingdom are similar in some ways and very different in others when it comes to politics. The US uses a two-party system where the public can vote for either the Republican or Democratic party. Each of these have very different approaches to policy. In general, the more liberal policies are supported by the Democrats whereas the Republicans take a more conservative approach.

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On the surface it appears that the UK also has a two-party system. However, there are plenty of different parties all throughout England, Ireland and Wales. The two most popular are the Conservative and Labour party. These are the two most publicised ones which has led to the myth that they are the only powerful ones. Even though they dominate much of the political landscape there are others that have become increasingly popular.

The Liberal Democrats are a party that predates Labour by centuries. They have their own territory where they are the dominant party. The Green party has also gained traction in recent years. They run on a platform of environmental issues. Their increased popularity is likely due to the impact that climate change is having on the planet.

The world of politics in the United States is currently revolved around the current president. His decisions both domestically and abroad has caused widespread controversy. His actions have changed the political landscape of America forever. He has particularly changed the way that the people of the world see the country. It was once hailed as the “good guy” superpower that helped win World War 2 for Europe. However, due to the recent regime and past actions in the Middle East it is looked upon with much less reverence.

The United Kingdom is in a similar situation to the one mentioned above. They too took part in conflicts across the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan. This has led to the destabilisation of government in the region and the rise of terrorism. The UK has also alienated itself from the rest of Europe after its citizens voted to leave the EU. It is likely that for years to come the politics of this island nation will be focused on the impact of this decision. Every day the issue is debated and reported on in political publications. This is because Brexit has created many different implications including both economic and cultural for the country.

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