The United Nations is the world’s most prominent nongovernmental organization. It is mandated with promoting cooperation between different countries across the world and trying to alleviate and also prevent conflict. When it was founded it consisted of 51 member states and today there are 193 participating countries. It is also concerned with social development and has many apartments which are specifically designated to this practice.

The UN has multiple division such as UNESCO and UNICEF which deal with culture and education and children in developing countries. It has 6 main bodies which include the general assembly which debates general issues and the security council which mandates action on security and conflict.

The United Nations is funded by the member states. They all pay different amounts depending on their prosperity. The United States is the largest contributor, followed by Japan, China, Germany, and France. In 2013 the annual budget for the United Nations was $5.512 billion. The UN has won the Nobel Peace Prize through it is not universally lauded by all. Many have criticised it for being slow and bureaucratic, especially for being sluggish to react in instances such as Srebrenica and Rwanda.

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